With more than 10 years in the Spanish market, we are a company specialized in temperature controlled solutions and cargo securing systems for transport.

Our highly qualified team and our extensive experience allows us to offer you personalized, immediate and secure solutions, becoming your indispensable link in your logistic chain

We offer specific solutions related to the load, in terms of optimization, reliability and safety


      Loading and securing systems for transport

      Wide variety of products and accessories

Professional lashing service



      Technical resources available

      Know-how and manufacture of thermal bulkheads

      Knowledge in logistics and calculation to perform a        perfect lashing in each situation



      Changes adaptation and continuous improvement

      Safety, agility and efficiency reinforced by our                  trajectory

      Quality guarantee at the best price


The ISO 9001 certification is the result of a commitment to ourselves, our team and the transport and logistics community that trust us. It reflects our spirit of overcoming, of complying with high quality guidelines, of believing in continuous improvement. It is an added value and a guarantee of reliability for our customers.